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Originally Posted by Jgkram View Post
So exactly why did you guys choose to go with a ceramic? Good quality waxes (provided the paint is reasonably unmarred) look fantastic once finished. Granted they will not last as long but there is less fear of "damage" to the coating as they can be removed and replaced easily. Just how scratch resistant are your coatings? Thanks...
I'll admit to knowing zero about ceramic coating. Yeah... the stuf that comes in a #? oz little bottle... you spread over your car.

Am I to understand that if you spend ~$1,100 to have that stuff applied to your car... it's resistant to scratches? Debris? Small animals, lol? Damage to the finish. Huh.

Sell me on this stuff, cause right now I'm not buying the hype.

Wax. Good old wax. No?

Yes, I'm a cynic.
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