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Originally Posted by Hello.AmeerM View Post
Ike84, do you know of a charger that can achieve this? Would a battery charger with a boost setting work? These seem to be the only ones I can get my hands on.

As for the PST2, it is a laptop with Porsche System Tester 2 software loaded on to it, with a Bosche card. From my understanding, this software should auto populate your vin and force you to confirm it is correct before changing the map. As for the code, I got it once from one dealership, and now I have the printout from another with all of my IPAS codes— the dme code is the same.
Any decent charger will do it.

I use a DeWalt charger/reconditioner.

I have never seen a battery charger deliver a continuous 40amp current. Look in your home's / garage's breaker box and count the number of 120v breakers rated to over 30 amps...

It sounds to me like you have a piwis 2 (or possibly 3). If you snap a pic of the box and a screenshot of the software then I can tell you for sure

Either way I stand by my original statement - I think you're simply entering the wrong code

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