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No, you don't need 40 amps to flash your dme.

You should be using a charger that varies current based on battery state to achieve a solid constant voltage (as JFP said). Trickle chargers are garbage.

When you say a pst2 clone, do you mean a piwis 2?

If it's a piwis2, read the thread I posted a while ago on flashing. You should not have to enter your cars vin - it can read that on its own.

Also, it's not going to ask you for an ipas code for mapping. iPas codes are for keys. It will ask you for dme code.

Without watching you do it is hard for me to say - I never encountered that error. BUT it seems like if you're getting to the step where it asks for the code, and then it errors it after you enter the code, you have the wrong code (occams razor).

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