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Help with PST2

Hello-- So I got a PST2 clone today— hooked it up and tried to change the map in the DME, but I did not see a screen to confirm my VIN, I put the IPAS code in twice and kept getting a message “test step aborted. (47)” My battery works for normal operation but is only at 12.6 volts— it’s also on a charger-- a trickle charger of 1.5 amps. Could that be the cause? There is a service bulletin for 2004 GT3s and it recommends a charger of 40amps. Does anyone have any experience with a charger that can sustain such output that's not super expensive? Does anyone know the upper limit of charging power so as to not fry my DME? Also, the software seems to work in other regards; it picks up all the systems and I can do things like turn fans on, so I assume it's communicating properly.
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