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It's been awhile since I updated this thread and a lot has happened since then. Last september I took it to a race in Oklahoma. Not five minutes into the race weekend, the motor locked up. I did happen to get these pictures taken 10 seconds before that happen

So the car has pretty much sat since then. I had a parts car with a good 2.7 and had all intentions of throwing another motor in the frog. I removed the donor motor and then removed the seized motor. It was at that point that I just hit the wall. I just don't want to race it or maintain it anymore. I've gotten bored racing rallycross with production based cars. My heart is with something more. That's when I called up a fellow member on here and asked if he was interested in buying it. He enthusiastically said yes and came down here about a week later to pick it up. It makes me very happy to see it go to someone who will appreciate it for what it is. Bye Bye Frog
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