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Originally Posted by 986tate View Post
Does anybody worry about oil starvation with a 200tw tire?

Somewhere L&N says donít use anything under 300tw
If you look at the location of the oil scavenge pumps on the m96 motor, and realize that each valve cover can hold nearly the entire oil capacity of the motor, you'll understand the reason that oil starvation can occur on long right hand (986) and left hand (996) turns. It's the prolonged g forces that are the issue. Slicks help you achieve the g forces needed to accomplish this.

The owners manual actually says to not run racing tyres on these cars. This is the reason why. Porsche knew about this issue from the get go - It's a byproduct of cutting costs to produce the m96 motor during a financially difficult time for the brand (2 scavenge pumps are half the price of 4 lol). They actually offered an oiling mod to remedy this on early 996s sold exclusively in Europe, but that's a different topic.

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