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Originally Posted by SCCA_AX View Post
Well, tire wear is tire wear. Increasing camber will get you a little more life, but it's not going to be as much as you think. It'll take you many, many sets of tires to make up for the cost of all the suspension mods.

Upgrading from the old S04 to the RS4 will be a big improvement you'll notice right away. That particular tire also has a rep for wearing like iron, they should fare better both at HPDE and AX than the S04. If you're super concerned about outside shoulder wear, you can run a few extra psi. You sacrifice a touch of ultimate grip to better support the tire.

tl;dr, try the better tire first with the car as-is, adding mods to the car under the pretense of saving money is going to be a losing battle.
Thanks for the response. You are likely right that it won't save me that much money. I've thought about it, and these tires did last me about 3 years haha I may just go this route if I don't end up upgrading.
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