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I have a Ď00 ďSĒ. I donít know if it makes any difference. Mine was all original when I bought it and they were silver (gray?). They didnít contrast enough with the body color, Biarritz White. I painted mine with a gloss black but it started to chip almost immediately. As soon as the weather warms up (Iím in NY), I plan on plasticizing it in black. Suggestion: clean out the drains. I think that there are five. If you donít clear the leaves etc. out they will eventually eat through your very expensive radiators.
Iím planning on buying gutter guards from Home Depot and modifying them to provide additional protection.
The last thing that I have to say is to buy the book 101 projects for your Boxster. Covers everything from jacking it up properly to a full engine rebuild.
Best of luck with your first Porsche! Welcome to Boxster land.
cheers, Jack
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