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260 mph

Not sure if you heard about the guy who recently drove his Chiron on the Autobahn at 260mph and posted a vid of it. German govt is thinking about hitting him with 2 yrs in the gray bar hotel for driving at an unsafe speed (even tho there was no limit where he was driving). Whether they have the right to charge him is up for debate, so we'll see where this goes.

Ran across this vid and chances are it's the one that got the guy in trouble. It's amazing how fast he accelerates from 125mph (200kph) to 260mph (417). Unreal. The trees go zipping by.

Regardless that it was the Autobahn, it was not safe to pull that stunt. If the guy can afford a Chiron ($3mil), he could afford to rent that track in eastern Germany that has an 8 mi straight. Kill yourself, not innocent bystanders. And if you're going that fast, a helmet may or may not matter, but neither occupants were strappin a helmet.

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