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986 Boxster ChampCar Endurance racing build

HI All,

New build here. I'm taking on a project with a 986 V2 (2003) for ChampCar Endurance racing. I've been racing 944's both the 2.5 and 3.0L for several years and have had much success. Now I'm taking on the 986. It maybe brilliant or the dumbest thing I've ever done. And here is what makes this build a challenge. Per ChampCar rules the 986 V2 with manual transmission would be assessed 2 penalty laps. I can avoid the penalty laps if I run the Tiptronics transmission. That's the plan endurance race 986 v2 with Tip. So I hope you will be interested in my project.

Challenges and Goals:
Complete build and testing for Watkins Glen 7 hr race at the end of May

Get the racing weight under 2400# current weight is 3000# yikes! This include Poly Carb windshield, 20 gauge alum sheet for the top, Doors, Fronk lid, Trunk lid all reduced to just the outer skin. Door fixed, Fronk and truck lids pined. Alum bumper channels machined away material

Tiptronics: rules are pretty open on what I can with the automatic. I will be researching how to build this trans to be quick revving and quick shifting to get 0 to 60 times closer to the manual car.

ECU tune (ROW or aftermarket?) Any recommendations here would be great

Remove immobilizer?

17x10 wheels on a square set up. With 48 offset to clear front lower control arm all of the additional width (1.5") will be to the outside so fender flares will be required.

Must run 200 tread wear tires 275/40/17

Exhaust is fabricated to remove cats. OE manifolds to 2 1/2" pipe feeding 2 mufflers (one for each bank).

Most of the suspension, brakes will have to remain stock.

Engine oil cooling remote air/oil cooler and Accusump (can't afford the points for a baffled oil pan)

Tiptronics remote high capacity air/Oil cooler. I would love an alum torque converter but the cost with engineering and tooling is $12k

I'm selling off all the stock parts stripped from the car

Any Race car stuff you have related to the above please let me know
Also your experience with the above mention stuff would be helpful.

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