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A couple of other unknown boxster functions are:

1. Creates envy on the part of friends and most of the strangers you encounter on the road. You may also be caracterized as a prick, or a man with a mid-life crisis, even if you are 24 years old.

2. A substantial drain on one's bank account. Any P-car, even one in pristine condition with very low miles isn't cheap to own. Insurance, tires and oil changes are far more than non-performance automobiles.

3. An overwhelming desire to mod an automobile, possibly for the first time in one's life. It's an addiction that I am now proud to have, and I have no shame whatsoever when I talk openly about side skirts, superchargers, over-priced interior parts, etc.

4. Possible point of argument with spouse when choosing a $1100 set of Michelins versus something far more reasonable; Fueling the vehicle at Chevron and ONLY Chevron; refusing to take the Boxster to a grocery store or shopping mall; refusing to drive the car on days when there is a 10% or greater chance of rain; a desire to drive with the top down regardless of how it tangles the wife's hair, etc.

...just thought I'd throw in some things most future boxster owners just don't consider because they're a myopic and only thinking about the car itself!
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