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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Playing with wheels and 20 mm spacers. The Reproduction Fuchs 15s fit the back, but need another 5 mm or so to work in front. I kind of would love to have 15" mud terrains and throw chunks of dirt around the track rather than go for speed with stickies. :
Fun thought, but probably going with 17s and 18s with 20 mm on the rear. Save the 15s with mud tires for 914 shenanigans another time.
If you're out to have fun (lots of drifting) then you'll want rock hard tires with high air pressure. To be fast with a rwd car you actually have to drive very conservatively. Drifting is slower. The fastest way around a corner is slow and steady. Don't let the rear end get out at all unless you're trying to rotate. You also want as low air pressure as you can get without losing a bead. Losing a bead is bad. I usually start off with around 27 psi and work my way down to 20 psi as the tires warm up and I get a feel for track conditions. Drifting on these tracks around here will eat up your tread real quick. As I said earlier, drifting is slower but man it can be soooo much fun if you get it right. This race isn't for points so I'm less concerned about being fast. I'll throw my good tires on to set a good time, but otherwise I plan on throwing some tires I don't care about on. I'm thinking about racing for times on Saturday and Sunday will be drifting and jumping day. I'm stoked to see you and Rick come out
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