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sorry, i should correct what i said. i keep forgetting that this is a 987, not a 986, so you already have the larger airbox and MAF housing. so what you would need is the intake runner and larger TB. You would not need a new tune since your DME is already mapped to the larger MAF housing.

heres the intake runner with plenum: uEALw_wcB

you sohuld be able to pair that to an 82mm TB.

On the 986, there is a pretty big discrepancy between power outputs for the 3.2 and 3.4 motors, which with all else being equal is likely due to the much smaller intake and TB between the 986 and 996.

The 987 airbox is much larger than the 986, and has a 3.25"MAF hosuing already, so you would just need a 78 or 82mm Bosch TB and the 996 intake plenum/runner.
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