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Originally Posted by vkmotorsports View Post
Thank you piper6909.

1) When you say "water pump" is that the same as "coolant pump" in the Bentley manual ?

2) Is the "shaft seal" same as "crankshaft seal" ? that repair work is beyond my capability at the moment.

What would the approximate cost of repair be for this at an independent repair shop ?
Yes to 1, no to 2.

Sorry if I wasn't clear. The coolant pump (water pump, as it's often called) has a seal around the pulley shaft. It is not a replacable item, though. You'd have to replace the entire pump.

I suspect that's where your leak is coming from. If you haven't done so already, remove the belly pans like stl-986 wrote, and take a look aroung the water pump to be sure.

Or you can probably remove the cover behind the seats and look from there, but I believe you'll get a better angle from underneath.
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