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Originally Posted by vkmotorsports View Post
Thank you all. blue62, I filled up the tank all the way, I did the pressure test on the tank as per the Bentley manual using the harbor freight kit and it did not show any sign of leaks in the tank area. At least the tank is not cracked and was still full after the pressure test.

I flipped up the bleeder valve locking clip a couple of times and there were no leaks and drips initially when I started and moved the car back and forth in my garage to driveway. I drove the car for 0.5 mile locally, and saw no leaks or drips at all. Coolant level looked full in the tank exactly as it looked when I had filled it up

Drove it for 5 miles after waiting 30 min, and making sure there were no drips or leaks.

After the 5 mile drive is when I noticed that the dripping began again in 3 different spots which coincide with hose placements most likely - 2 in the middle of the car and one near the front of the car towards the radiator.

I am waiting for the car to cool down to check the coolant level after the dripping has stopped. Most likely the hoses are failing when the car gets hot.

Then I will redo the pressure test and look for hose leaks again.

I am contemplating that in a hot condition the hoses may be expanding to cause dripping/leaking and when cold the car does not drip. Most likely the hoses have gone bad or the clamps have become loose.
From your description, I doubt the hoses are your problem. That's generally not how hoses go bad. I'd suspect your water pump. More specifically, the shaft seal.
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