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Originally Posted by El Vikingo Tropical View Post
I bougt a nice 987s with broken engine, and now im up to make a good overhaul at the engine

The engine was in good shape with all service records stamped until the second owner bought it and went to a local "mechanic" (plumber), This plumber was supposed to repair a oil leak from the IMS shaft seal.

He swapped the seal and somehow he put the camshafts out of timing...

When he started the engine hi heard some crunch sound (two broken exhaust valves) so he pulled out the engine again for inspection but when it had it out, he succeed to drop the engine upside down like a toast with the marmalade down, crashing the intake manifolds. Then he realised he was in a problem and then he called me in to help him out, as he told me this story a just have to laugh and tell him that if this was my car i would have his balls chop off.

So I helped and bought the car at a good price

That's the funniest damn thing I've heard all week! Good fortunes for you sir! I can't wait to see how this goes.

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