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IPhone mounts for Track Day Video

Hey all,

Looking for some help here.

I am making preparations for going out to the Utah Motorsports Park on 9/10-9/11 and I purchased a Ram suction mount and a Tackform ball clip based on readings here and on other forums to facilitate mounting my phone on the windshield for video. I plan to use RaceChono Pro with my OBDLink for data overlay.

My problem is I mounted the Ram mount high on the windshield, just behind my rearview mirror, and the suction system has just enough flex that the video is horribly jittery and unusable. The car has RS engine mounts for the transmission, 987 engine mount, headers, high flow cats, and a Beluga race exhaust but doesn't really feel like it vibrates bad. I don't really notice it.

Where do you all mount your suction style mounts and is it possible I have mine in a bad position, the mount has an issue, or maybe my phone camera is jacked? Normal video and picture taking is fine on the phone. It is an iPhone 8 Plus.

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