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I also really like you turbo placement. Would have done similar myself if I had a bit more skills (happy to modify a manifold but wouldn't like to make them from scratch).

I should see 500 at the wheels in theory but I'm not holding my breath. Will find out soon. It didn't make the power I expected last time.

Air filter placement has been an issue all along. I did have them low mounted in a few places but they get soaked when it rains. I've recently moved them up to the side vents, one per side. Should be colder air there plus they sound great with the windows down. The downside is, I have no engine compartment fan at all. This isn't something I'm too happy about, I'd like one but can't find a spot to put one that'll do any good. Airflow through the engine compartment is the real achilles heal of this platform.
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