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Any progress on V8 engine swap options?

Escy -

Youíre spot on with using OE parts. That is the theme of my build. OE quality and reliability is definitely not always present in the aftermarket, but can be pretty cheap in the used OE part market (dismantlers). So I started by sourcing the 750i intercoolers (about $40 each)Ö Iíve since sourced the circulation pump from a 750i (a Pierburg CWA50 which states 25 l/min @ .53 bar back pressure for $55)Ö being that Iíve source these other parts from the 750i, I think Iíll also use the heat exchanger too. With that, Iíll be using the whole intercooling system from the 750i (4.4l hot vee bi-turbo) which seems like it should be ok for my measly 2.7l bi-turbo running at 18-22psi. Only difference being the distance the fluid has to travel through lines from the engine in the back of the box to the heat exchanger and reservoir in the front.

Thanks for posting the pics of your intercooler heat exchanger setup. Very helpful.

Also, at 26 psi, you should be seeing 500 hp at the rear wheels (being that the b5 S4 guys with rs6 turbos are easily seeing 450 at all wheels). I canít wait to see how your dyno session goes. Iím sitting in the edge of my seat!

Also having now fabricated my custom exhaust manifolds, hereís a pic from below of the turbo placement of the passenger side ecoboost turbo in the bay. I really like the placement, though the stock engine bay cooling fan wonít fit, I will need to source thinner fan. Now Iím on to determining air intake and filter location. Are you satisfied with you air filter location in the bay? You have your intake filters down low right?

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