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Yeah, I did notice the larger spacing on the fins compared to good OEM radiators. Would go with something else if I was to do it all again but finding something that fits in the space is hard. Bought it 3 years ago, there's more options now (electric and hybrid cars have good auxiliary radiators). My water pump is a Davies Craig EPB40, I think it's considered a decent pump, it wasn't cheap (although looks it). It's 40 litres per hour.

I'm running 50/50 water methanol (capacity rather than weight). Boost wise, actuator base pressure is around 10psi. Currently up to 26psi while testing although not sure I'll run this much in the end, depends on the power it makes on the dyno.

All my data is coming from pulls on the street. The last time I was on the dyno I found things actually stayed cooler as in-between pulls the fan was cooling the charge cooler system. On the street I stop to make adjustments and it all heat soaks.
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