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escy - a couple of things about your intercooler setup.

1 - you'll notice the difference in spacing between fins on the oem and your ebay one. way bigger gaps on the cheapos. thats why theyre cheap though. not trying to criticize, just pointing that out.

2 - what boost pressure are you running? you should be able to run a setup like this up to 7-8 psi without any raise in temp above ambient. If youre running low to mid teens and only seeing +10C on your temps then I would consider this to be a success. i noticed in one post you mentioned 24psi? if youre running anywhere near that routinely then you will absolutely see intake temps rise, no matter how good of a setup (water-air or air-air) you have setup.

3 - what flow rate is your water pump? slow pumps can cripple a system like this. often underestimated how important that is.

4 - are all your data coming from stationary pulls? im assuming that youre using a big ass fan when you do that, but even still your data on the street at 100mph will be vastly different.

5 - you already figured it out but water meth will help. (beautiful work on the setup, btw) im sure you already know all the details about its pros and cons but I will say that it always makes me nervous to use it to "fix" a suboptimal setup rather than using it to "improve" an already good setup (unless, again, youre running high teens and low 20s, then its going to be almost mandatory.). what concentrations are you planning on running?
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