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^ psyched to share a page on the internet with you two.

My shakedown runs went well, no problems to report. Ahead of the first track day I sent the car in for a corner balance alignment at a well known race shop in town. On the very first lap at the track, something came loose in the suspension, the car went super squirrely and I limped it to the pits. Turns out the rear right adjustable lower control arm was left finger tight and that pulled the stud out of the inner piece, ending my day before it started. Did technically hit the track though, for 2 laps lol. Back to fixing ****************.

One thing I haven't sorted yet is oil pressure switch. The Porsche cluster expects to see a reading btwn 0.3-0.55 bar according to the sensor. The Audi oil pressure switch uses a higher resistance. Since you can't remove resistance, is anyone aware of a sensor that would fit the Audi oil pan location and run at the lower resistance? Or another creative solution to getting the oil switch to work?
I know I can just unplug it and the light will go off - seems like a good thing to have in place in case oil pressure is lost.
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