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Originally Posted by EB847
Do you need a special tool to remove the oil filter? Do you need to remove the top engine cover or is it done underneath the vehicle? ...thanks

From the bottom (as mentioned). you need a 74mm, 14 flute wrench to remove the Oil Filter Cartridge and properly re-torque it (can't do that with a Strap Wrench). See it here:

You also need an 8mm Allen bit for the Drain Plug - (though it's probably more economical to get an asst. set of Hex Bits) and a Torque wrench to insure that everything seals properly and no threads are stripped (aluminum and Plastic)

In addition, you need a new Crush Washer for the Drain Plug - $0.50 (Pelican Parts), and an Oil Filter cartridge and 'O' Ring (included) - $11.50 (Pelican Parts), then a collection pan with 10+ Qt. capacity and of course the Oil. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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