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Glad to see the tach working, great job! Do you have everything else in the cluster worked out? Iíve got grand ideas about getting the oil level readout working, but thatís low on the list. Let us know what you run into in shaking out the box before your track day.

For my 2.7t, Iím going a direction I havenít seen anyone take before (due to spatial constraints in the Audi engine bay)Ö Iím starting with OE 2011-12 f150 (3.5L) ecoboost turbos mounted tight to the cylinder head. They are k03 frame, but nearly RS4 k04 wheel spec with billet compressor wheel - thereís good aftermarket support to go bigger later on. Also, recirculation valve is integrated into the compressor housing which is great for packaging. For intercooling, Iím using OE BMW 4.4l turbo units mounted to the timing belt covers - directly between turbos and throttle body. The whole build is focused on using OE parts that are readily available. With these turbos and the tight layout, this setup should rip between 2-6k rpm. Iíve currently got the drivers side fabíd up and am transitioning over to the passenger side next.

Also, looks like the pic of your exhaust broke; can you fix it?

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