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Originally Posted by solo118 View Post
Hi All

Looking to pick up a used boxster. I finally found a very nice example, well sorted and no issues at the moment. However it is a 1997 with 75k (and stick, of course!)

Is there any reason to avoid the '97 model? Or would it be a better choice considering the double row IMS? I somehow feel first year cars are not great, but I am curious to see what others think.
I think the first year 1997's are GREAT! I have a 1998, doubt there is much difference, love it. The earlier Boxsters are less complicated cars than later Boxsters. I replaced the LCD screen on the "climate control" that was ruined from age using the kit, easy and looks great! Replaced the top with one with a glass rear window. New tires. The earliest cars are not known for the IMS problem. If you can afford it get it replaced but otherwise check the oil like a hawk for metal when you change it (do change it, even water Porsches are OIL cooled), otherwise wait until you need a new clutch or the rear main seal starts leaking oil and needs replacement (all 911's and Boxsters leak at the RMS eventually, easy fix but you have to put the transaxle to get to it).

I bought mine for less than $6k off of Ebay with 116k miles, including shipping from Texas. Turned out to be a winner. They are gorgeous cars, very nice curves, very low, fast, handle great, but realize they have no storage inside at all and only two seats, they are a REAL sports car. I can go to COSTCO and put several bags of groceries in front and back trunks and driver's seat if necessary but not too many bundles of paper towels! But I love mine. I've owned many, many 356's, 911's, 912's and my early Boxster is by far the most value and performance for the money, it is at least as fast as my 1987 Porsche 911 3.2 coupe, only my 1982 930 Turbo was faster and that car was really FAST! The resale value on these cars is clearly terrible and I guess it's because of the IMS. Maybe it's because Porsche parts are expensive but I've been used to that for decades. And surprisingly the just liability insurance is dirt cheap for my 67 years old!
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