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I asked jbauer questions about some of the things you are describing, specifically about bad clear coat thats flaking and cracking. He was super helpful and then directed me to this video that helped me see pretty clearly what were up against if you wrap over a compromised base. That cooled my jets a bit, and its still on the table as a DIY, but I have a better appreciation now for what kind of prep is involved with a successful wrap.

That paint quote is real high, IMO. You said you can afford to take some time if you go to paint, maybe to save money like in my case? I dont know if this is a realistic take, but Im considering doing some of the prep if I go to paint, like removing the bumpers and trim, some of the more funky, labor intensive stuff learned so far, maybe take some of the sanding in hand here at home. This may all be fantasy on my part, but I found prepping and dropping off the headlights for a clear was waaay cheaper than simply handing off the whole project. Good luck and subscribed!
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