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Wraps are nice. My son had one done on one of his cars. One thing many dont point out. Your paint has to be in good condition so if you have clear coat peeling, cracked paint, etc it will 1) show through 2) take the paint with it if you decide to remove the wrap later.

You can have someone do a 3m wrap for around $3k for these cars.

With the said, a repair is usually the better option. The prep is what cost the most money, not actually painting the car. Figure at least 4-6 hours just to get things like bumpers, trim, door handles, mirrors, etc removed. Another 4-6 just in taping at a minimum. Add in sanding, cleaning, washing, sanding, cleaning, sanding.....Another 8-16 hours. See how the time really climbs up?

What you could do is get in touch with some painters on FB/CL/etc. Get in touch with local PCA & SCCA clubs for recommendations. Some will let you help with some things like removing parts (bumper, lights, etc) which will help lower the cost. Also, wait till later in the year, winter is a better time to not be without the car.

I have someone lined up that does many restorations that is going to let me help as much as I am willing to. Price he gave me was that it wouldn't exceed $2k. I'll help with a decent amount and many parts will be pulled off to be painted off the car. Issue with the car that will be painted is the clear coat is gone all over the car. Dont have any damage to repair so it is going to be just sanding, priming, base, 2 coats of clear then re-assembly.
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