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Originally Posted by Zordrack View Post
I never did take pictures of it.
I guess I should have so I could have done a proper writeup.

But it's fairly simple once you get the cluster off.
Biggest pain with that is releasing the connector for the hazard switch.

But after that you can simply pop out the mic trim piece with a trim tool and the mic capsule will just squeeze into the cavity in the back of the trim piece where the OEM mic would normally go.

It friction fits, but with just enough give that it wont pick up too much noise from the car.
Thanks. I checked it out and the mic is a tight fit into the trim piece. I'm afraid to force it and break the trim piece. I'm thinking I might be able to fish a line through the opening to the back and pull the mic cord through. Did you not use the foam covering?
2002 Boxster S 6 spd manual Arctic Silver
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