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Originally Posted by Zordrack View Post
Look right below your phone mount in your cluster.

That's the OEM microphone mount.
if you disassemble the mic that came with the kit and put the foam pop filter from it around the capsule, it'll just squeeze into the void for the OEM mic.

It's a pain in the ass to run the cable but it's completely OEM look and it actually works great.

You will have to remove the cluster to run the cable down through the dash to the center console though.

I would say it's worth the effort to the point where I would do it again. And the mic that comes with it is good enough in that spot that I wouldn't replace it when I upgrade the head unit.

As for dash speakers I just replaced the OEM with the JL Audio C2 4".
Sounds decent with the OEM amp.

I also have a Bose sub/rear speaker from a 987 that I plan on replacing the drivers in with the JL Audio C2 3.5".

Then the real experimentation begins.
Gonna try and figure out what drivers can be fitted to replace the 5.25" woofers in the sub and the door subs.
I was going to go with the JL Audio C5 5.25" woofers but they discontinued them.
There's a few other options out there but it all comes down to mounting depth in the OEM enclosures.
Should be possible to some really decent sound without destroying the look.
Thanks. I thought that may have been a sensor. I'll check the Bentley manual for a way to remove the cluster. Do you have a pic of your mic set up? I installed Kicker 47KSC404 in the dash and they sound great. Got Kicker 47KSC504 for the door speakers installed today and frankly I'm not noticing that much of difference from the new speakers compared to the old ones but my hearing could be failing me. The old speakers were the OEMs and looked pretty much intact as they don't come in contact with direct sunlight like the dash mounts.
2002 Boxster S 6 spd manual Arctic Silver
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