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Originally Posted by rezanourai View Post
Thinking about how I could have avoided this, IMS retrofit & the deep sump w/ baffle were really the only things I had planned. Does it seem like whatever happened here was indeed an IMS or oil starvation issue or could it have been something entirely unrelated? Just wondering if there are other preventative measures I should take on the next motor besides IMS & baffled deep sump?
It could have been almost anything, but I don't see this as oil starvation. I see it as the ims bearing chunked, throwing a bunch of crap in the oil. When the bearing failed, cam timing went to hell and the junk in the oil clogged the variocam system resulting in misfires and difficulty starting.

Not much further you can do beyond running good oil (driven xp6 or 9), keeping the oil cool, and putting in a better ims bearing.
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