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May have blown my motor, any other possibility?

So I had taken the boxster s race car to the track this Saturday, even though I haven't installed the baffled deep sump yet (you can probably already guess where this is going ). It's sitting on my workbench in the garage waiting for my next oil change so I can just do it then....

Well, during a sustained high G corner, my engine started to make a bit of a weird sound. Then the car started running rough, then oil pressure light flashed on the dash and the car stalled right in the middle of the track. Luckily I was able to roll off the track onto the dirt. Had a hard time starting the car, but got it started and limped most of the way back into the paddock but it stalled again. Struggled to get it started, but then was able to stall barely back in. Engine sounded awful. I pushed it back onto the trailer and brought her home, but haven't started looking around. I ran codes and saw a combination of:

P0343 - camshaft sensor bank 1 exceeds limit value
P1397 - camshaft sensor bank 2
P0300 - misfire damaging to cat converter
P0306 - cylinder 6 misfire damaging to cat converter
P0303 - cylinder 3 misfire damaging to cat converter
P0305 - cylinder 5 misfire damaging to cat converter
P0301 - cylinder 1 misfire damaging to cat converter

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to be that I'm an idiot for waiting to install the baffled deep sump and should have just done it instead of starving the engine around a sweeper, but on the off chance that the issue could be anything other than a blown motor, what else might I check?

One thing that is giving me pause is that I just finished gutting electrical from the car, ripping out 25lbs+ of wiring. Any way a short somewhere could trip up the DME and cause this, or does the combo of codes + rough awful sounding motor + stalling + oil pressure light pretty much guarantee I need to start shopping for a replacement motor?

I knew this would eventually happen, was just hoping it wouldn't happen so soon on a new race car... was hoping to get a year of track days out of it first.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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