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At the last race it had become real difficult to get any power down. That's always a big problem with RWD and the main reason RWD vehicles are typically slower in the dirt. I decided to move the battery as far back as I could. I also plugged the holes in the trunk so dirty air couldn't get sucked in to the air filter.

Thanks to Truegear's build thread, I upgraded the single toyota tercel radiator to a much larger radiator built to fit a chevy impala. The new radiator with fans was less than $300 and surprisingly well built. The latest improvements helped immensely and I walked away first in my class of 15 and second overall, losing only to an AWD subaru.

I picked up my next race car for $3000. It's a 2000 996 C4. I'm not quite sure what power plant I will end up using. I'm leaning towards a LS because I really want 400hp and 400tq. Not going to get that out of a M96. This project will be on the back burner for awhile as I'll be busy building my new shop. It has 2500sqft of enclosed space and an additional 1000sqft of cover.

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