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Originally Posted by TeamOxford View Post
Saw your ad for the 928 in Panorama this month.
Glad you sold it for a reasonable price to someone who can finish the project.
That's the downside of the PCA classifieds - advertising in Pano is behind reality. I marked my online ad as sold as soon as I had CIF (cash in fist), but the delay in publishing a magazine with dated ads came into play. I must have priced it market correct as I've gotten an email and a phone call this wk from the Pano ad.

Originally Posted by TeamOxford View Post
Now you can take your VISA card out of the freezer.
A couple of items here...
I had almost $7K in parts in the Mistress. While I didn't have a high dollar amt in the purchase price, esp compared to other WD cars, the high amt in parts bothered me and was a major factor in deciding to sell vs finish. There were several high dollar items left to do (timing belt & refinishing the dash to name a few) that were going to push that amt even higher. All told, it could have been another $3-4K. I didn't want to go there. That may seem odd when you consider I had $40K in my last WD car, but the time involved to reach the finish line was too long for me to invest that much more. A typical WD car is a 2 wk to 3 mo commitment, not yrs.

There were some advantages to spending so much on parts. I used points to select a new GoPro 7 Black edition and it was miles ahead in picture quality compared to my old GoPro 2. This yr's Indy videos jump off the screen they looks so good. So membership has its privileges.
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