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Originally Posted by Javi Cooper View Post
Hey all, has anyone installed PPF on their Boxster? I'm going to repaint my front bumper and looking to install PPF myself. It'll be my first time doing it so I'd like to go with pre-cut patterns to keep it as simple as possible, and Xpel seems to have the market covered on those. Any experience with them?

I have an Aerokit 2 (GT3 style) front bumper. On Xpel's 986 page there's no option for this bumper, but on the UK site there's an kit for the real 996.1 GT3. Anyone has any experience with this kit? I'm assuming the Aerokit 2 bumper is exactly the same as the 996.1 GT3 bumper...

Any tips or comments are appreciated, including on cutting the patterns yourself.
Late reply, but Xpel is one of the top names in the PPF industry. Both friends that have, or had, a Porsche used them. Curious what you go with as I'm considering the same. I need to clean up the paint first, but would like to protect it with PPF.
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