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Shop Vac, yeah, but you want water in there, amirite? Also, sooo many broken plastic things underneath the bumper, above the bumper. Behind the bumper? Lol, TBH, I think it’s just fine for what it is: A Spring’s worth of tinkering and items arriving in the mail, a chance to drive the car my dad always wanted but was too reluctant about such things to enjoy that aspect of life... this really is a delightful car to be driving, fiddling with, researching all the things... well, I suppose you all already know all of that. This is my first post-introduction post.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve all recorded here, yourselves on this forum, and over on Rennlist. Great little community. I’m now read back about six years on the forum. Thoroughly enjoying the process. And who knew wheel choice could be such a deliberation, lol.

All the best, Lincoln
(Now I’m off to fantasy low-ball Fittipaldi’s IROC!)
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