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Thinking of getting a newer 986

Hey guys,
So my much loved 98 base is nearing 150,000 miles. This spring I will need at a minimum new tires and some suspension work. I think the trailing arms bushings are shot and I'm getting a clunk in the front suspension. Maybe drop links? Not sure yet. The car also leaks and burns oil.

The good parts of the car are the Fred/Particlewave headlights, ben short shifter, newer top with glass window, exhaust mod, Carrera lite 18" wheels, full leather interior and Aero kit 1 with wing side skirts and cool bumper cover.

As much as I love this car and the mods I have done to it over the past 10 years it may be time. The engine burning oil is the most concerning. It is just not worth it to me to get the engine rebuilt. That plus a basically 23 year old suspension that might need a total refresh. Those things will cost more than the car is worth to me.

I know I can swap the headlights and some of the other stuff easy enough to a newer car if I was to find one. The thing that will hurt the most is losing the Aero Kit. That is what I fell takes this car to another lever since it is so rare.

So now that I got that long winded part out of the way, I might have found a replacement. My friend from work has let me know his father in law has passed away. He has a 2002 S with less than 60K miles. He doesn't know much about the car, but he knows I have an older 986 and asked if I was interested in looking at it. From the VIN look up I found it has these options.

413 18" Lt Alloy Wheel- Turbo Look
424 CD Shelf Center Console
446 Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
476 Porsche Stability Management
AH Black Full Leather
G1 Guards Red
M6A Black Mats - Porsche lettering
P14 Heated Front Seats Package
P63 Sport Package
P74 Xenon Headlamp Package
P77 Leather Sport Seats
V9 Black Top
X69 Carbon Door Sil Model Insignia
XLF Sport Exhaust System
XMJ Rear Center Console - Carbon
XSA Sport Seats Painted To Match
Y05 Brake/Shifter Carbon/Aluminum

This is basically all the options I would look for with the exception of the Aero Kit.

I guess my question is what do you guys think would be a good offer to start with. No I don't know if the IMS has been changed and no I haven't had a PPI done. I haven't even seen it yet, but I don't want to lose the opportunity being that I am basically first in line. He is in no hurry to sell it, but since he knows me he wants to give me first shot before he lists it for sale in the spring.

Assuming it is in average shape for a 2002 with 60K miles owned by an older guy for the last 10 years what do you think is a fair starting price. I'm not even talking money with him yet, I just want this number for my own head lol.

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