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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Not only that, they're pretty tapped out on power ability. Add any kind of forced induction on them and they go boom very quickly. To add to the discussion we had on your thread about the air filter being inside the trunk and getting it's source of air from the trunk vents. Here is a great picture of why that's not the best idea. On a good note, my motor seems to idle better with a clogged air filter. lol

I can definitely see how those filters would get dirty quickly if there's nothing between them and the cloud of speed you're kicking up. My money is still on pulling air through the trunk lid. I wonder if a stop gap would be to *cough* duct tape some generic filters in place over the vent openings. Cheap filters will probably breathe just fine and may at least cut down on the dirt storm inside the trunk.

Rough idle is a sign that the design is working! Lean her out and squeeze out that power baby.

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