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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Thanks, growing up and learning how to drive in Alaska probably helped.

Yesterday was my official return to driving the RWD boxster full time and retiring the FWD Golf. I came in first for RWD by a long shot. No one in my class was even close. I came in third overall behind two AWD subarus. I'm really enjoyed RWD. It's soooo much more challenging than FWD. You have to get everything right or you're screwed. Unfortunately the motor was sounding rough 3/4 into the race. I started it up and the lifters were making a noise like they were starving for oil.(at least that's what it sounded like). I shut it down and checked the oil level. It was down to the bottom mark on the digstick. Low but not that low to cause any issues I would think. With nothing to lose I added some oil and went about a half a quart over. The noise went away and I finished my last two runs without any noise or problems. After getting it on the trailer I took a peak underneath. It has a small leak coming from the rear of the engine and front of the engine. I'm hoping it's just the power steering pump overflowing but I suspect worse. I'll get a better look later when I have time. I'm really considering an engine swap to something more robust and cheaper than the M96 motor. I have an Audi 2.7 and two VW 2.5 motors. The 2.5 is becoming a popular motor swap for the 944 and other vehicles. They're dirt cheap and can put out some very impressive numbers.
I have a slow leak coming from the front driver's side of the engine. I suspect it's the PCV valve. I'm gonna hold off replacing it until I pull the intake runners for some clean up and sai delete (mostly cuz I can't even figure out where the damn thing is). I'm not sure about the rear, maybe oil fill tube? That wouldn't drain the level down so low though, unless it was cracked at the block.

+1 to the VAG engine swaps. Dirt cheap and tons of power to be had. My "stage 2" is twin k03 turbos and W/M injection and I'm secretly hoping that my 2.7 explodes so that I have an excuse to shoehorn in a proper motor lol. I know it's very anyi-porsche of me to say it but damn these motors are a pain in the ass for not a ton of bang in return.

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