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Originally Posted by losblancos View Post
Thatís the thing... I donít need it to be perfect, just not glaringly obvious.

(Itís done living in the South so Iím not as concerned about future damage and I got it cheap. Itís a driver, never going to be a concours car and Iím fine with that.)
Then you can sand off the clear and re-clear it.

If it were me I'd sand the clear completely off the affected panel. Then dust on a coat of base. Then clear as normal.

Problem here is that this is a pretty advanced technique. Not a first time DIY thing. If you do take it to a professional shop they are probably going to advise a complete re-spray of the car; I mean the clear is thin here it is probably thin on the whole car. You might be able to find an independent to re-clear it for you.
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