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Originally Posted by Contr_eras View Post
Hi everyone, I am experiencing a loss of power at 5800 rpms. It happens under WOT and normal acceleration. Here's a list of
Vivid Racing ECU tune
75mm throttle body and plenum.
Full Cat delete with Circuit Werks V2 muffler
Short Shift kit
aFe Air filter
if anyone has experience with the Vivid Racing tune please let me know
Depending on the diag equipment you have available, would not be a bad idea to get a 5v pressure transducer from Amazon. Attach it to your fuel rail and wire it in (simple 3 wire: 5v, sig return, and ground). Hooking that up to a graphing meter or scope would easily tell you what is happening in the fuel system pressure wise at wot. Is a/c still hooked up (not sure is this is a track car or not) but if so, see what effect it has by disconnecting it. Normally should cut out at WOT. Your tune may not account for that but I donít believe that it would cause what you describe.
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