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Washer and dryer installation? Hey, no problem. Just BTDT. Proper venting, so more dryer exhaust out the basement window, proper washer drain plumbing, supplies with single lever shutoff, proper circuits for washer and dryer, etc.

Honestly, if you have common sense, mechanical ability, are a bit meticulous and have the willingness to do some research, it isn't rocket surgery. They make some really nice equipment for this stuff these days. The NEC and UPC/IPC (whatever they use in OK) info is also readily available so you can make sure it is done right. There are probably 50 youtube videos as well I am guessing, but I try not to go there - too many hacks that act like they know what they are doing.

I just read how some plumbers make $200k+ a year. I believe it. Sure, you deal with poo on a regular basis (I am a dad and dog owner, so I have seen my share of every description) and if you screw up you can do a LOT of damage, but for most of what they do, they make a LOT of money for not a lot of time or material invested.
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