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Originally Posted by champ986 View Post
300 grit is way too course for a base coat clear coat paint. Not as easy as you described. Also when you screw it up and take it to a Reputable shop they will charge more to undo your work
They'll charge more to fix it? Like they weren't gonna sand it down before? He wrote something about some shady Krylon additions.

I don't imagine this guy is going for a 5ft job. He mentioned that it didn't matter if the paint didn't match the bumper.

I suppose if you wanna do it right you could sand it down to primer, skim it with bondo, re primer, sand, guide coat, sand (400 or whatever), base coat, tack, clear, flow coat it.... But why? Its a boxster; it should be out there getting rock chips anyways.

Auto painting could be difficult for you, but regardless of the difficulty its a good place to get your feet wet. If the O.P. finds out painting isn't for him; he's only out $100 and a couple of hours. I mean he was gonna take the hood off to begin with.
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