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[QUOTE=Qingdao;629188]Hoods are easy to paint IMPO. Its a good place to start DIY painting.

1) Sand the crap out of it till its smooth at 300 grit finish.

2) Pick up a HF $15 spray gun. (you mentioned not needing a concourse finish the HF gun does the trick)

3) Go to your local automotive paint supplier and pick up a pint of base and a pint of clear. Should be in the ball park of $100. No need for primer; you are going with the same color and you aren't fixing dents.

4) Spray base. The only difficult part here is that I believe seal grey is a metallic; so you can't color sand. You need to do some youtubing or get a more experienced painter to show you how to spray a control coat. Basically once you get the color you want you dust on some base coat; it makes the sparkles you see in the paint stand up.

5) Spray clear. Dust on your first coat. Then a little heavier on the second flash. Then HAMMER DOWN. Cause you're painting the hood on a table or a flat surface you can almost pour the clear on. The leveling compounds take out any imperfections. I typically get two coats of light spray then slam two more coats on top of it.

Worst case scenario if you do it yourself you take it to a body shop and have them do it. They won't hold it against you if you tried and failed painting it; I wouldn't if you walked in my shop like that.[/QUOTE

300 grit is way too course for a base coat clear coat paint. Not as easy as you described. Also when you screw it up and take it to a Reputable shop they will charge more to undo your work
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