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I'll put a good word in for Rejex. I found out about it in this forum (thanks guys and gals!) and have used it for four or five years. I drive my car about 5 or 6 thousand miles a season.

Now, I'm not doing concours but do want my Boxster to always look good so I usually apply it to the whole car including wheels the first nice day after taking it out of storage in the Spring. I use one of those "duster" things with the coated strings to lightly wipe dust off the car at least once a week (the car is my daily driver in-season) but on the stock turbo wheels I use a shop rag. I have found that this is enough to keep the car looking pristine and only have to wash it a couple times throughout the seven months I drive it. If I had some wheels that are more complex, I'd probably need to apply Rejex to them mid-season.

The product is easy and quick to apply. It "beads up" when the car is rained on or washed all season long. I've thought about not bothering to apply it in the Spring to see how long it will last, but I enjoy doing it that one time on a warm spring day and then taking it for a long ride after a longer winter.

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