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So unfortunately I've had to put this car up for sale. I've been driving it maybe once a month. Had to do a couple things to get it ready:

1) Replaced the water pump and radiator cap (to the blue one). This stopped a leak.

2) Replaced all the coils on one side. Had a misfire on 1's side. Decided to just swap all out while I had the car leaning that way.

3) Replaced the headlights with LED bulbs. While the casings were out I used an variable speed polisher to wet sand the lights with 1200 grit paper and then compound and wax. They came out smooth.

I may or may not sell it, but I've had fun with this car. It still runs like a new car at 76,000 miles. This build thread will be helpful for anyone interested in seeing what I've done to it.
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