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Originally Posted by 1thenaton1 View Post
Damn, just catching up on this, epic build!

Don't see many details re the engine swap. Which Audi V8 did you go with? What turbos? What management? I imagine you are also upgrading internals on the engine before going forced induction?
Engine: Iíve changed up the engine three times, sent one engine back and still have another sitting around but settled on an Audi ABZ 4.2l V8 which if I hadnít already changed my mind so many times I would have moved onto a different platform. The ABZ bolts up to the Boxster trans which is nice but the real benefit is that itís an incredibly short motor (same length as the Boxster flat 6 so it actually allows the trans to sit in the factory location. With the trans in the factory location you donít have weird drive axle angles which is a big problem on a track car. The problem with the motor (I now know) is that forged internals are all NLA so for now itíll be stock. People run stock internals up to 1,000hp so I donít think my goal of half that will be a problem...weíll see.

Engine management: Iíve also changed this up three times too starting with a reflashed stock Audi ecu, then mega squirt which I just sent back, now Iím waiting on a VEMs ecu which is being baseline tuned for my setup and theyíre making a harness for me (totally plug and play besides three wires to connect to the cool is that!). The companies called EFI Express, awesome guys!

Turboís: I just received the turbos this weekend. I ordered the smallest S200SX-E turbos they sold from Borg Warner but they shipped me the largest S200SX-Es so Iím not sure if Iíll return them or change my approach a bit. Iím targeting 520hp for now at 8psi. If I can find internals (or have them made) the turbo, fuel and cooling setup will take the engine to 800hp. I hope Im never stupid enough to try that.
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