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More turbo goodies are arriving, all the fuel system parts are in but I'm still waiting on the Turbos to arrive (next week hopefully) and the final intercooler is backordered so who knows. Last night I got the coolant system roughed in and cut some more of the body panels that hide underneath the aluminum widebody (this also makes room for the intercoolers that will sit just in front of the rear wheels). I have cut out a tremendous amount of steel so far, I'm hoping with the V8 and the twin turbo system (which is probably 130lbs) I'll still be under 2500lbs. At a minimum the weight balance is going to off. This weekend I'll throw the fuel system in, button up the coolant system and build at least one new wheel well to accommodate the 8" wider body and new 12" wide rear wheels, I'm going to cut out all the steel from the wheel wells, it'll all be aluminum. I have a feeling I'm going to end up with just the frame rails and a tubular steel rear frame here soon. more to come later

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