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Originally Posted by strombomb View Post
Are you saying the 4.2 is preferable for reliability or heat reasons making it better suited for a track car?
Both really. Running my 986 for 4 seasons at our track in Utah has shown me that simplicity is better and that most turbo cars struggle to run well for full sessions during the summer.
As far as heat, i've observed my B5 easily differs 100lb/ft depending on temperature. With the IAT sensor in the intake manifold, even good intercooling only goes so far as when the throttle body is closed it heats up very quickly in there. Still such a fun street motor though, and I won't close the door on putting one in another 986 in the future given the relative low cost of the components.

Originally Posted by strombomb View Post
Are you still planning on the S6 motor? Have you dug into it yet?
I actually got an S8 motor and swapped to the a6/S6 mounts and am running a cradle that another member on this board made. I have a shop doing most of the heavy lifting and so far the engine and trans are mounted in the car (in and out several times) and waiting on finishing up exhaust, fuel lines, coolant routing, power steering, and wiring.
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