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Originally Posted by 1thenaton1 View Post
strombomb - welcome! Please share your progress. I love the 2.7t and daily a b5 s4 but am going with a 4.2 for my boxster as it mostly sees track duty.
Ooh yes, I miss my B5... it was several cars back, now, but I miss it. They are just classic. Definitely some body lines in that chassis that are subtle but timeless.

Are you saying the 4.2 is preferable for reliability or heat reasons making it better suited for a track car? Both my B5 and B6/2.7t suffered from heat soak but were fairly reliable (preventative maintenance and routine inspection it key)... so I partially agree. In this project, I expect intake heat management will again be a challenge... I will probably have to get creative with intercooling.

Are you still planning on the S6 motor? Have you dug into it yet?
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