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Originally Posted by truegearhead View Post
Hereís a link to the rad, youíll need to cut a huge hole on the front of the trunk and bumper and make a hood vent (I made one out of aluminum but you could buy something off amazon Iím sure). Plumbing this thing up is no proving to be very difficult. The Boxster has two coolant hoses going forward and two back so you need to make some complex manifolds to make it work. Still a work in progress.

OzCoolingParts Pro 3 Row Core All Aluminum Radiator + 2 x 12" Fan w/Shroud Kit for 1963-1968 64 65 66 67 Chevy Bel-Air/Impala/Biscayne/Caprice, Many Chevy GM Cars]
Awesome! Thanks a bunch! I'm using a toyota corolla radiator with an electric water pump right now but the radiator isn't up to the demand I'm producing with my rally boxster. I have to say I think your boxster build is the most intriguing build ever. My hat is off to you. Keep it up, it's very entertaining.
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